Estimated flood damage in Elroy is $6.5 million

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The city of Elroy suffered over 6.5 million dollars in damage during the recent flooding and storms, with nine homes at risk of being torn down due to flood damage.

According to Chief of Police Tony Green at the Common Council meeting held Sept. 11, the city has reported preliminary numbers to the Federal Emergency Management Agency of 1.9 million dollars of damage to residential property, 4.5 million dollars of damage to businesses, and $100,000 of damage to the city and infrastructure.

“We’re looking at nine homes that possibly need to be torn down,” Green said. “You’re looking at four houses on Lake Street, three houses on Franklin, and potentially two (houses) on Third Street, based on the damage assessments.”

Green relayed that Juneau County has reported 19.2 million dollars of damage in the private sector, 2 million dollars in damage for the public sector, and 1.5 million dollars for road systems.

“Obviously, this flood was worse than the 2008 flood,” Green said. “Hopefully we can get FEMA to get declared for a federal disaster and get some help in here before it gets too much further.”

“The night of the flooding we did evacuate approximately 20 people via boat,” Green continued. “Obviously, we had some great volunteers.”

The mayor and members of the city council thanked the community and members of the response team for their work during the flood.

“Thank you on flooding issues around the town,” Mayor Mark Stanek said. “The fire, EMS, not only ours but all other communities around the area.”

The sentiment was echoed by other members of the council.

“We’ve heard nothing but good about all you guys and how hard you worked,” said Terry Madden, council member. “Thank you.”

Council elections

Two members of the council will not seek re-election after serving out there current terms.

James Garvin, alderperson for district 3, announced that he would not seek re-election. Tessa Klipstein, alderperson for district 1, also announced her decision to not seek re-election.

Other business

The council approved:

  • Re-zoning of the property at 1502 Academy St., formerly the Cherry Tree Restaurant, from business to residential.
  • An operator’s license for Stephen Tosch for the Dollar General store.
  • A change in the personnel manual allowing for drag and/or alcohol testing under certain circumstances where a city motor vehicle is involved in a crash
  • City expenditures in the amount of $231,162.83.
  • City Administrator Carole Brown has received a request to allow chickens in backyards in Elroy. Madden informed the council of her intent to bring up chickens for discussion during the next meeting Oct. 9.

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